Why are so many people getting solar on their homes? I’m glad you asked!

It’s not just about savings (although there’s plenty of that), it’s about Sticking it to the MAN while protecting your most valuable assets.

Since Cap and Trade were passed in 2009, energy prices have gone absolutely NUTS! Rocky Mountain Power has raised rates over 50% since the legislation passed, and we ain’t seen nothing yet! In short Cap and Trade… (use the text I sent earlier)

Let’s put this into perspective, let’s say you are paying $130 a month on average for electricity. If RMP rates only increase 6.9% annually (6.9% is the national average, RMP average rate increase is 7.4%) in 25 years your power bill will be well over $560 a month!

And Warren Buffet will have made off with over $100,000 of your hard earned money during that 25 years! That’s right, you’re renting your power from a billionaire who owns RMP!

Solar doesn’t sound so expensive anymore, does it?



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