Solar Tax and Quotes

The growth of today’s solar industry is truly remarkable. The Green Revolution has come so far in the recent years; more people practice eco-friendly measures that save them money, as well as help save the Earth. Since a number wish to implement this significant change, the new challenge is to make renewable technologies (such as solar power) more affordable to the general residential public. If you wish to learn more about solar quotes in Salt Lake City, you’ve come to the right place.

The Basics of Solar Tax Credit

The Solar Energy Industries Association defines Investment Tax Credits (ITC) as “a 30-percent federal tax credit claimed against the tax liability of residential (Section 25D) and commercial and utility (Section 48) investors in solar energy property.” Homeowners who purchase solar systems have the right to use these credits. Solar tax credits in Utah (and in other states) are some of the most important federal policy incentives for rooftop and utility solar energies in the country. It also makes owning panels an interesting alternative, since this policy will help solar owners save more in the long run.

Our Role

Rookies in the area of solar energy might find all this information a tad overwhelming. Apparently, it’s not just about installing solar roofs and getting energy from the sun; it’s also about knowing the full extent of your options. Knowing more about your options sheds more light (literally and figuratively) on why you should go solar. Here at Smart Solar, we promote smart decisions concerning your solar plan. As consumers of energy, it’s your right to know your rights. Trust us to be your guide through the process; our years of knowledge in the field will give you a better picture of Utah’s solar tax credit system.

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