Non Profit Solar Panels

Get Solar Panels For your Non Profit!

Primary Reasons to Go Green!


Going Green gives you and your non-profit the chance to be closer to carbon neutral as well as supporting your own causes.

Save Money

Non profits are always looking for the best ways to pinch their pennies and solar roofing does just that.

Excess Generation

Without tethers to the power grid, you are able to generate all the energy you need and potentially more for you to subsidize.

Save money on your energy bills!

Solar Profits for Non Profits!

Non Profits are always looking for the best initiative to improve their profit margins and also promote a worthy cause at the same time. 

With our Solar roofing for non profits plan, we can help map out the proper way to manage your budget and show profitable gains in the easiest span of time.

If you’re interested send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will call you with a free consultation.

Like what you see?

See some of our recent projects here. We always keep in mind how the Solar Panels will look on your home. We match the right Solar Panel System to your roof while hiding the wiring. Not all companies care enough about the look of your home when Wiring Your Home For Solar. We do.

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