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Primary Reasons to Go Green!


The primary reason people get solar roofing is to reduce their carbon footprint.

Save Money

On a 5-10 year scale, solar roofing will generate profits for your home.

Excess Generation

Solar Roofing can generate excess energy which you can subsidize.

Save money on your energy bills!

How To Save Money With Solar!

Thankfully, the state of Utah works extensively with Solar Panel installation companies and providers in order to help the end-user transition into having a solar home.

Ultimately, the Utah governments 2019 Solar Guide showcases the profit margins for going solar using two primary methods: paying by cash and paying by loan. You can view their methodology and explanation here:

When you are considering transitioning to solar, many people consider how long the process is going to take. If you’d like to see an extensive coverage of our Process click this link here.

Like what you see?

See some of our recent projects here. We always keep in mind how the Solar Panels will look on your home. We match the right Solar Panel System to your roof while hiding the wiring. Not all companies care enough about the look of your home when Wiring Your Home For Solar. We do.

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