Commercial Solar Panels

Get Solar Panels For your Business!

Primary Reasons to Go Green!

Save Money

For larger scale projects, the amount of money you’ll save between tax credits and energy turnaround will be seen on a faster scale than  residential solar panels.


Going green is not only good for the environment but going green for your wallet. More and more markets are responding positively to companies that go green.

Excess Generation

Solar Roofing can be a market replacement or a way to supplement and better manage your energy needs. The power is in your hands to spread it where you need.

Save money on your energy bills!

Make Going Green Work For Your Business!

If you are a business owner or a property manager, chances are you’ve scribbled down the possible over/unders of going green with solar roofing. 

While there might be several misconceptions about solar panels as a complete alternative to standard power, we believe that the choice is best for your wallet and the environment.

Besides the fact that it can save you money on your electrical bill, help turn us away from detrimental effects of climate change, it is also becoming a marketing statement on it’s own.

More and more people are having positive association between green businesses and their shopping habits. If you are a business with solar roofing you can not only advocate for change, but you can proudly display it as well.


Like what you see? Consider a lease for your business:


  1. A 6 year lease (with options to extend it up to 14 additional years at the same low monthly rate).


  1. There are buyout options after years 6, 10, 15, and 20. The buyout after year 20 is $1.


  1. The buyout is extremely customer friendly, basically it’s a fraction of the system’s original value (actual figures will be determined once we know what the system size will be with your usage).


  1. The carports are included, and stay with the property.


  1. Your total power bill (RMP connection fee included) will be a minimum of 30% less than it currently is. So if your monthly average is currently $1000, your new RMP bill would be $54 (for the connection fee + taxes) and the solar lease payment would be around $646, for a total of about $700/month, for a monthly savings of $300.


  1. There is no money down for the 30% bill drop, though there are down payment options to make the monthly payments even lower.


  1. There is NO annual payment escalator. All the lease companies we worked with before had these. It made the lease a risk (you could end up paying more than utility rates). Those increased your lease payment on average 3.9% annually. This program’s payment is a flat amount that never goes up.


  1. Discounted tax credits are available. Because it is a lease, the tax credits go to the investors (basically they buy the tax credits). But we have the option to sell those tax credits to you at a discounted rate. As an example if you have a $10,000 federal tax liability, we can sell you $10,000 of tax credits for $9,000 (or sometimes for less, depending on the amount you need). A 10%+ discount on your tax bill. The government would happily accept your full $10,000, if you prefer.


It’s an amazing offering, we haven’t seen anything remotely as good as this in all our searching. A 30% drop on your electric bill, by itself, is pretty incredible. But all the other stuff just makes it crazy good.

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